Emirati Police recently arrested a British citizen (of Indian origins) for causing a scene at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The traveler insulted the security personnel, the airline’s employee, and the UAE using obscene words, after he missed a connecting flight from Abu Dhabi to India caused by delays of his earlier flight from Heathrow to Abu Dhabi.

Lieutenant Colonel Fares Al Bakiri from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Abu Dhabi Police, who is heading the investigations, explained that the incident took place a week ago when the culprit arrived to Abu Dhabi International Airport on a delayed flight coming from Heathrow Airport resulting in missing his connecting flight from Abu Dhabi to India. He started swearing at the airline’s employee, and blocked the passengers’ queue behind him, insisting to board his connecting flight although the gate was closed and the aircraft is about to take off.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Bakiri also added that two officers were called to the scene, where other airline’s employees and witnesses gave identical testimonies of what happened. The officers asked the passenger to sit down and be patient until they figure out how to help him. In response to this behavior, the passenger started swearing at the officers using vulgar obscene words, swore against the UAE, and showed arrogance as he threatened the officers that he holds a British passport.

Regardless of the passenger denial of the above acts, claiming that he did not know that the personnel were police officers, eye-witnesses asserted the opposite and that both officers had their identification badges visible in English and Arabic. They also asserted that other passengers warned him that they are security personnel who came to solve the issue, yet the passenger went on in his rage and swearing. Later on, he claimed that he was swearing against himself and his bad luck, and did not mean to insult the UAE and the security personnel.
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