As a part of its commitment to raise community awareness on animal welfare issues and the importance of preserving animal life, the Emirates Society for Animal Welfare will be launching tomorrow, Thursday, a media campaign under the slogan “I Need Water Just like You”.

Major General Dr. Nasser Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Emirates Society for Animal Welfare, noted that the one-week campaign will feature a wide range of activities and events such as workshops and lectures, and will take place in participation with several government entities and departments, and public utility associations. Adding further, Major General Al Nuaimi stressed that the campaign will be implemented across the UAE. “As a part of the campaign, awareness-raising brochures will be distributed, with guidelines and advice on animal care and welfare, in addition to membership applications for those wishing to join the Association. Furthermore, the campaign will feature a wildlife conservation seminar,” he continued.

The workshop will host a number of veterinarians to acquaint people with the proper ways to tend to animals at home, and to provide pet care tips and advice to people who own house pets. “A particular school in the emirate of Abu Dhabi will be chosen to visit the Emirates Zoo Park, with the aim of acquainting students with the importance of animal care and welfare and humane treatment,” Major General Al Nuaimi continued.

Major General Al Nuaimi also noted that the campaign coincides with the beginning of summer in order to acquaint parents with the proper means care for animals during extreme summer heat. He also called upon the public to inquire about the animal or bird they want to purchase; the suitable living environment for them; and the best pet care methods, in addition to develop a familiarity bond with them.

Dr. Nasser Al Nuaimi urged the public to treat animals humanely and encouraged them to engage in volunteer work related to animal protection. He also encouraged the public to promote positive behaviors towards animals, based on the important role of animals in maintaining ecological balance.
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