The Law Respect Culture Bureau, in the Directorate General of Community Protection and Crime Prevention in the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, organized an educational awareness lecture on the concept of law respect at the individual level.

Captain Nasser Rashid Al Ka’bi, Chief of the Peripheral Offices Section at the Law Respect Culture Bureau, explained the concept of law respect culture during the lecture. He also explained the importance of establishing it across the different categories and layers of community members. He noted that the law respect culture contributes to making community members more compliant with the law. He added that it also creates a crime-free environment and protects the safety and security of communities, through fostering and spreading the culture of the law and of abiding by the law.

He listed the reasons that make it a must to respect the law, adding that the law defines the community members’ rights and duties and protects and preserves those rights. He concluded by saying that the law establishes justice and equality for all, and that individuals must pursue basic legal knowledge that provides protection across all ways.

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