A delegation from the Directorate General of Services, Procurement and Contracts at Dubai Police visited on Wednesday to the Procurement and Warehouses Department, at the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters. The visit falls within the framework of the cooperation and coordination between the different police entities and aims to acquaint the delegation members with the quality application systems and plans applied at the Abu Dhabi Police.

Lt. Colonel Ali Salem Al Mansouri, Acting Head of the Procurement and Warehouses Department, briefed the delegation on the quality process and methodology, which led to the introduction of the total quality standards at the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters. He said: “The Procurement and Warehouses Department provides a set of timely, high quality services and equipment to the various police departments and caters to their needs at appropriate costs.” He also stressed the department’s commitment to ongoing development and improvement in its different activities, with the aim of achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

During the visit, both parties discussed the organizational structures, development methods, work procedures, and the different laws and regulations adopted in the work processes. They also reviewed the electronic systems and methodologies used to carry out the related tasks and ways to develop and upgrade these systems; in addition to procurement and tender procedures undertaken by the parties in the tendering process; the appropriate mechanism to register, classify and evaluate a particular product; and the honoring of suppliers adopted at the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, being one of the leading practices in the field of institutional excellence.
The Dubai Police delegation, headed by Major Marwan Ali bin Hemaidan, Chief of the Tenders and Contracts Section at Dubai Police, praised the warm welcome from the Abu Dhabi Police officials. They also expressed their admiration for the cutting-edge techniques adopted in the different sections they visited and the sophisticated work methodology, which is testament to the high level of efficiency and performance of staff members working at the General Headquarters.

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