The Abu Dhabi Police managed to arrest an Arab pharmacist in possession of illegally obtained hashish and 1,286 narcotic pills intended for personal use and trafficking, with the aim of making unlawful profit.

Abu Dhabi Police condemned the objectionable behavior of the pharmacist, who is supposed to act in honesty and integrity and has the ethical obligation to care for people and keep them from harm. The Abu Dhabi Police expressed dismay for any kind of evil crimes and encouraged the public not to hesitate to report any suspected case, via the Aman service to deliver information regarding security and social issues round-the-clock. To do so, they can dial the toll-free number, 8002626, send an SMS to 2828, send an e-mail to Aman via the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters' website, (, or call the Operations Room on 999.

Elaborating on the details of the operation, Colonel Sultan Suwayeh Al Darmaki, Chief of the Anti-Drug Section at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), pointed out that the Anti-Drug Section in Al Ain received a tip-off that an Arab pharmacist is taking advantage of his position to sell and trade drugs.

He said: “The section investigated the case and validated the information. A professional team was formed and a security plan was established to apprehend the suspect red-handed trying to peddle the illegal narcotics.”  Colonel Al Darmaki noted that the suspect was being overly cautious in terms of choosing potential buyers and promoting drugs

Adding further, Colonel Al Darmaki said: “The pharmacist, identified as 31 year-old Y.M.S, was placed under surveillance, before the Anti-narcotics officers arrested him as he stepped out of his vehicle in the parking lot adjacent to his workplace.”

The police conducted a thorough search of his vehicle and house and found a duffel bag full of prescription-only drugs. “The officers seized a total of 1,286 narcotics pills, two packs of 51-grams of hashish, and a joint of hash rolled manually for personal use,” explained Colonel Al Darmaki.

Confronted with irrefutable evidence, the pharmacist confessed that the seized drugs belonged to him. “The suspect tested positive for various types of narcotic substances’ abuse and was referred to the competent authorities along with the seized drugs for further investigation into the circumstances of the case and for the appropriate legal actions,” concluded Colonel Al Darmaki.
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