The Media and Public Relations Coordination Committee at the Ministry of Interior addressed during its regular meeting the media plan for Traffic Week. The committee discussed the role of the Police General Headquarters in organizing the week’s events, and the role of the committee in spreading awareness through social media and preparing the traffic awareness slogans set to be published on the Ministry of Interior websites.

The meeting was held at the Ministry of Interior Headquarters and led by Colonel Dr. Jasim Khalil Mirza, Director of Security Awareness at Dubai Police and Acting Head of the Committee, in the presence of all members of the Police General Headquarters in the country.

The attendees spoke about a number of topics listed on the meeting’s agenda. They discussed the preparation of a quarterly lecture plan of topics chosen according to the Ministry’s recommendations and strategy, and each headquarters in the country hosts the lectures once.

The attendees also discussed the organization of training courses in the fields of media and public relations, especially in regards to the organization of media campaigns through social media.

Upon conclusion of the meeting, the committee recommended to convene an extraordinary meeting for its members in preparation of the Traffic Week events and to adopt the quarterly plan for the awareness lectures.

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