The Decision-Making Support Center at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, recently honored a number of distinguished staff members in recognition of their outstanding career performance. This accolade is a part of the effort to implement the principle of sustainable working environment and encourage innovative interaction amongst staff members. It also reflects a sense of pride with the new growing potentials that have exerted concrete efforts in carrying out their job requirements accurately and with unequivocal excellence.

Colonel Dr. Salah Obeid Al Ghoul, Director of the Center, confirmed his confidence in the ability of distinguished employees to achieve high levels of success and progress, so as to embody the leadership’s strategy and according to the standards of the outstanding government performance followed at Abu Dhabi Police.

Moreover, he highlighted the continuous endeavor to upgrade staff members’ work environment towards attaining further creative productivity, in accordance with streamlined implementation mechanisms that save time and effort.   

Furthermore, Colonel Al Ghoul called for achieving further excellence in the future in order to develop police and administrative services provided to the public. He also stressed the need to instill the concepts of job satisfaction; pointing out that this initiative positively reflects in raising the professional competence of staff members who are making dedicated efforts.

The center had recently organized an event for staff members at Al Forsan International Sports Resort in Khalifa City- Abu Dhabi. The event included a set of activities based on smart software and physical and intellectual games. As a part of the event, a number of staff members were honored, in recognition of their accomplishments while discharging their daily tasks throughout the year and for their contribution in preparing and implementing strategies and regulations to support the process of decision-making. The event also witnessed as the launch of several initiatives at Abu Dhabi Police and the MoI such as the Minister of Interior’s Award for Scientific Research and the ‘Shaping the Future of Policing’ Forum.
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