The Directorate General of Community Protection and Crime Prevention at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior recently held a coordination meeting with the Anti-Narcotics Federal Directorate General at the Ministry of Interior. The meeting aimed to support cooperation in the area of drug prevention; through awareness programs that enhance mental, social, and behavioral capabilities of community members against the dangers of the drug scourge.
Colonel Mubarak bin Muhairom, Director General of Community Protection and Crime Prevention, noted that the coordination meeting aims to support the efforts of raising awareness and educating children and young individuals particularly. He also confirmed that the society with all of its institutions and individuals has a vital role to play in fighting and preventing drugs.

The meeting also comes as part of the Ministry of Interior tireless efforts to fight drugs and provide ways of prevention through adoption of new ideas and initiatives that will strengthen the protective role.

Colonel bin Muhairom confirmed that the prevention provided by the Ministry of Interior along with the community participation, is a core component of the security work, and complements and supports the control efforts in all areas. He also pointed out that drug abuse all over the world is a social behavior, which requires awareness and education of the harmful effects of drugs on the individual himself and the society.  

In addition, Colonel Saeed Abdullah Al Suwaidi, Director General, Anti-Narcotics Federal Directorate General at the Ministry of Interior, stressed the importance of coordination and shaping the work mechanisms to achieve the goals of preventive programs in the fight against drugs. He added that the joint work in the awareness field achieves positive results, thanks to the exchange of expertise and the innovation of new ideas that are consistent with the requirements of the modern age.

“Prevention and building personal and social immunity are considered of the best strategies to address drugs and strengthen the mental, social, and behavioral capabilities of young individuals. In addition, these strategies help in developing the self-confidence of young individuals and enlightening them about the roles they play in the society. This will yield positive achievements in preventive processes,” he said.

Moreover, Al Suwaidi pointed out that drug prevention and protection of young individuals is absolutely necessary, and this required the Ministry of Interior to transform these efforts into concrete actions a long time ago. “The Ministry has also concluded a number of agreements and established several committees, in addition to the big successes it made in providing effective protection against the dangers of drug use and abuse in the society,” added Al Suwaidi.

He also stressed that the coordination meeting reflects the desire to deal with drug addicts from a social perspective, as well as control efforts that are being made to curb smuggling and trafficking.

The meeting, which was attended by a number of officers, officials and specialists from both sides, has issued recommendations calling for collaboration of both general directorates with other entities dealing with the public. He said that they must take advantage of modern technologies and creative ideas to organize awareness campaigns against the dangers of drugs and their health, social, and economic consequences.
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