The Ministry of Interior (MoI) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Economy (MoE) in order to enhance their cooperation and partnership. The MoU also seeks to apply the latest technologies in the area of services and innovative solutions related to the specialties of both parties, especially in the areas of civil defense and consumer protection. The MoU aims to keep abreast of international best practices in this regard, to serve the interests and goals of the country and all segments of society.

Lt. General Saif Abdullah Al Sha’far, Undersecretary at the MoI, signed the MoU on behalf of the MoI at the ministry’s headquarters, and Engineer Mohammed Ahmed Bin Abdul Aziz Al Shehhi, Undersecretary of the MoE, signed it on behalf of the MoE.

The MoU confirms the ministries’ commitment to strengthening partnership and cooperation, and consolidating the relations in order to integrate and join efforts, exchange experiences, and achieve better performance indicators. This is to attain the strategic objectives and implement the federal government’s directives and strategies, which aim to activate partnership between the country’s various institutions. These directives and strategies are in line with the targeted vision and objectives, and also include keenness to improve the services provided and achieve the coveted goals and objectives.

The MoU also includes cooperation and coordination between both parties to implement public policy for consumer protection, in coordination with the concerned authorities in the country. It develops a linkage mechanism between the ministries to activate the electronic and smart systems for the services provided by both parties. This follows the best practices on commercial agencies related to fire prevention equipment and devices, in accordance with the applicable laws across the country that achieve the consumers’ interests. It organizes joint workshops aimed at exchanging experiences and best international practices between both parties.

Lt. General Al Sha’far said that the signing of this MoU is part of the institutional work methodology that characterizes the UAE’s ministries. He also highlighted the importance of strengthening communication and coordination with the MoE and other concerned ministries to contribute to achieving the MoI’s vision and future aspirations.

Furthermore, he confirmed that the MoI is following the directives of the higher leadership while striving to achieve integration, cooperation, and the exchange of expertise and experiments with the local and federal institutions and authorities. “The MoI is trying to utilize this exchanged information to advance the efforts to develop safety and security. The MoI works to achieve public interest and provide the best advanced services through partnerships with the national service-oriented authorities,” he added.

For his part, Engineer Al Shehhi, confirmed that the MoU signed with the MoI is in line with the ministry’s efforts to strengthen cooperation with its strategic partners, namely the MoI.

“The blessing of safety and security enjoyed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has contributed to enabling the development process towards more advanced, prosperous, and progressive levels. This blessing is maintained by those who work day and night at the MoI and other government authorities, and whose top priorities are protecting the security of the homeland, preserving national gains, and providing a safe life for all citizens, residents, and visitors within the UAE,” he said.

Adding further, he said, “The security and political stability enjoyed by the UAE is considered one of the pillars and factors of economic growth in the UAE, and one of the factors that enhance its competitiveness at the regional and international levels. The unique security and safety enjoyed by the UAE is also considered a pillar of the attractive investment environment for regional and international investors.”

He also confirmed that the memorandum focuses on consumer protection and the stability of the consumer markets across the UAE, since that is one of the factors of national economic stability and protection. He praised the MoI’s keenness to enhance cooperation with the MoE for the public benefit.

The signing ceremony was attended on behalf of the MoI by Brigadier Fares Khalifa Al Farsi, Director General of Central Operations; Colonel Obaid Al Zaabi from the Public Relations Department; Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Saeed Al Mazroui, Head of the International Cooperation Department; and a number of officers from the ministry,  and on behalf of the MoE, by Ahmed Al Hosani, Head of Commercial Registration Department; Tarek   Al Marzouqi, Director of Governmental Communication Department; Marwan Al Sabousi, Assistant Undersecretary’s Office Manager; and a number of officials from the MoE.

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