The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) launched an outreach campaign about light air sports. This campaign will be held in association with the Air Support Department at the Directorate General of Security Support, the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, and will last for two weeks.

H.E Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director General of GCAA, said that the authority has enacted a federal legislation regarding the use of drones. The legislation stipulates the need for drone operators to adhere to national drone piloting requirements and defines related prohibited activities, especially given the wide range of people who use these systems, who often lack the necessary experience and information. The GCAA has given special attention to enhance the public’s knowledge and understanding of the requirements, legislation and best practices related to the use of drones within the UAE.

Additionally, he noted that “The GCAA has issued a guide to safe drone use, in addition to a set of signs that indicate that the use of drones is prohibited in specific areas.” The booklets are currently being distributed across the UAE, and those who wish to have a copy can obtain one from national airports or on the authority’s official website at: The “drone use prohibited” signs will be distributed in strategic areas throughout the country, where the operation of aircrafts does not allow drones, particularly near airports and heliports.

Colonel Saeed Al Khajah, Director of Air Support Department, emphasized the keenness of the MoI to collaborate and coordinate with national institutions in order to provide security and safety for citizens and residents. He also pointed that the MoI will take legal action against anyone who violates the terms, permissions and regulations of light air sports practice. He said: “Violation of the terms, permissions and regulations of light air sports practice may compromise the security and safety of society, the safety of installations and the state’s private and public properties; and may constitute a violation of people’s privacy.”

Colonel Al Khajah also pointed out that the campaign aims to disseminate and promote legal awareness regarding the use of remotely operated aircrafts and gliders, and how to obtain licenses from the competent authorities in order to operate them. He also noted that light air sports of various kinds, such as using gliders and light aircrafts, has become more prevalent throughout the country lately, particularly amongst young people. “Adherence to regulations and laws concerning light air sports contributes to them spreading widely, and reflects the positive aspect of aviation safety,” he noted. He also called for light air sports and remote control fans to adhere to the aviation safety and security requirements.

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