The Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, organized four awareness lectures about the law respect culture and police code of conduct violations and related sanctions. The lectures targeted 72 officers, non-commissioned officers, constables and civilians and were held at the Bani Yas, Al Rahba, Al Mussafah and Khalifa police stations, affiliated to the Peripheral Regions Directorate.

First Lieutenant Saleem Salim Al Afari from the Law Respect Culture Bureau said that observing and respecting the law has become an important cultural concept that everyone needs to understand its meaning and essence, and believe in the need to implement it on a personal and professional level. He also pointed out that including law respect topics in the qualification and promotion programs reflects the ministry’s keenness to educate staff members and enhance their legal awareness by providing them with accurate foundations of legal culture, because the law is the basic component of society’s stability and renaissance.

First Lieutenant Al Afari also noted that these lectures aim to enhance the law respect culture amongst staff members and acquaint them with new laws and regulations, in order to enable them to discharge their work duties with high professionalism. “Acquiring this knowledge empowers police officers to apply the theoretical applications of the law in practical life. This would allow them to practice their administrative authorities within the limits of the law, in order to curb and combat crime, and pursue perpetrators. It would also allow them to better understand their legal duties and obligations while respecting the rights and freedoms of individuals, in a way that achieves the public interest,” he said.

For his part, Lieutenant Thani Hamad noted that police officers are required to respect the law and implement it in a civilized manner and to be a role model for others. He also pointed out to the positive psychological impact that police officers have on other individuals, as they respect and implement the law on all levels.

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