The Civil Defense General Command at the Ministry of Interior launched an initiative titled “I am a leader”, aimed at exploring potential career paths in a bid to enhance leadership skills of officers working in the civil defense sector nationwide.

Major General Jassem Muhammad Al Marzouqui, Civil Defense General Commander-in-Chief, explained that the initiative falls in line with the Ministry of Interior’s directives, which stipulate the need to recruit national cadres and encourage them to make the most of their skills and personal abilities. This approach is in conformity with the “Integration Doctrine” that seeks to nurture a generation of skilled young leaders, capable of creativity and innovation and foreseeing the future.

Major General Al Marzouqui stressed the important role of the initiative in identifying the training and leadership needs of second and third grade officers, based on the personal abilities and skills that are determined following personal interviews designed according to the best of international firefighting practices. The outcomes of the initiative will be linked to a developmental action plan that includes programs and workshops, based on international best experiences.

Major General Al Marzouqui announced the formation of a specialized team focusing on implementing the initiative. The team includes civil defense experts from Australia and the Republic of Singapore, under the supervision of the General Department of Human Resources at the Civil Defense General Command.

In a first stage, the Civil Defense organized nine introductory workshops about the initiative that were attended by officers from various departments at the countrywide level. In the second stage, 318 officers will be interviewed over the next three months, while the initiative’s development plan will be formulated and approved in a third stage, for the purpose of further implementation. A follow-up system will also be established to assess the outcomes of the initiative.

Major General Al Marzouqui witnessed some of the personal interviews conducted with the officers, in the presence of Brigadier Hilal Eidha Al Mazroui, Director General of Resources and Support Services, and First Lieutenant Hamid Al Ali, Director of the Expert Consultants Unit, as well as the team in charge of implementing the initiative.

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