Civil Defense teams managed to put out a restaurant fire that broke out in one of Abu Dhabi’s retail venues. No injuries were reported in the incident.

Captain Abdullah Al Tamimi, Chief of the Media and Public Relations Section at the Directorate General of Civil Defense - Abu Dhabi, said that shoppers and workers were evacuated from the mall for precautionary measures. He said: “Preliminary investigations indicated that the fire reportedly started in the restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system due to cooking grease build-up.”

Adding further, he said: “The Operations Room call center received notification on Thursday afternoon about smoke billowing out from a restaurant located inside the mall. Civil defense teams were immediately rushed to the site, where they managed to extinguish the flames and prevent the fire from spreading to adjacent stores. All workers were evacuated to prevent any potential injuries due to smoke inhalation.”

Captain Al Tamimi noted that no injuries were caused by the fire, which was promptly contained before spreading any further, thanks to the readiness and quick intervention by civil defense firefighter teams. In conclusion, Captain Al Tamimi urged restaurant owners to carry out periodic maintenance of exhaust systems inside their facilities, in order to prevent the occurrence of such risky incidents.

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