Participants at the Ministry of Interior Council held under the theme “Traffic Awareness Schools” stressed the importance of fostering social efforts in enhancing traffic culture among the youth, as well as opening dialogue channels with them via public councils and other means in order to ensure their commitment to traffic laws. Hosted by Salim bin Kubainah Al Rashedi at his residence in Al Nahda, Abu Dhabi, the council was organized by the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police within the framework of the MoI councils.

Participants also recommended families and parents to provide the youth with advice and encourage them to implement laws and adhere to designated speeds, as well as avoid driving recklessly. Participants also called upon parents to prevent minors without driving licenses from driving vehicles as it prejudice their safety. They also asserted that protecting the youth from traffic accidents is a shared responsibility of all segments of the society without exceptions.

Colonel Jamal Salem Al Ameri, Chief of Public Relations Section at the Traffic and Patrols Directorate, Abu Dhabi Police stressed the importance of public participation in enhancing traffic awareness for the youth. The youth category represents 53.6% of the total number of driving license holders in the Emirate. Statistics show that they are the main category responsible for traffic accidents with 63% of the total number of accidents during January 1st - September 30th 2015 were attributed to them. 34% of the road fatalities were of the youth during the same period.

He also noted that the 2016 traffic awareness plan includes multiple programs that aim to activate the role of the family and society in limiting traffic accidents and fostering communication and dialogue channels with the youth. The plan also aims to encourage the youth to commit to traffic laws in order to realize sustainable traffic safety and protect people’s lives.

Additionally, Colonel Al Ameri reviewed causes of accidents via demonstrative and real-life movies. The causes include violating lane discipline, speeding, failing to pay attention to the road conditions, sudden swerving, failing to leave sufficient distance between vehicles, merging onto a major road before ensuring adequate space, bursting tires, and red light jumping. He also highlighted the importance of using seatbelt, as it is one of the main tools of limiting fatalities and injuries in traffic accidents.

Concluding, he called upon drivers to adhere to the designated speeds, and warned them against distraction while driving such as answering phone calls or texting, as this can lead to traffic accidents, or affecting the traffic flow. He also asserted that driving without a driving license is a violation of the law and represents great dangers for people’s lives. He also called upon families to cooperate with the police on limiting negative practices to protect the youth against traffic accidents.

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