The Training Department at the General Directorate of Human Resources at Abu Dhabi Police celebrated the graduation of 14 staff members after completing a VIP protection specialized course, which was held at the Special Tasks Department.

Major Faisal Ali Omar Al Kathiri, Chief of the Training Section at the Special Tasks Department, noted that the training program included specialized skills in order to boost the efficiency of staff members, which would positively influence the development of police work. He said: “This course falls in line with the Ministry of Interior’s strategy to qualify and train human resources to keep abreast of international and regional developments and improve their skills.”

The course, which was delivered by experts from the French Police, aims to acquaint Special Tasks’ staff members with the basics of weapons handling in difficult firing positions.

The course included detailed programs aimed at providing participants with practical applications and exercises in coordination with the French Ministry of Interior. The participants were also acquainted with the different difficult firing positions, and how to deal with weapons malfunction during interventions and confrontations. The trainees were also acquainted with the different rotating barrels between the machine gun and the handgun.

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