The Abu Dhabi Police arrested seven members of a gang and the gang’s mastermind for forging official documents with intent to commit fraud and make illegal transactions at government departments, selling them at a price ranging between AED 3,000 and 10,000.

Major Hamdan Saeed Al Mansouri, Director of the Bani Yas Police Station at the Peripheral Regions Directorate, reported that the gang was arrested towards the beginning of this month, in response to confirmed information from a reliable source about a number of individuals (of Arab and Asian nationalities residing in the UAE) allegedly forging official documents and records.
Major Al Mansouri reiterated the Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to employ all of its financial and IT capabilities as well as the potentials of their staff members to combat such crimes and to cope with the challenges of modern times. He said: “Preliminary examination revealed that the documents were forged using electronic devices and stamps and sophisticated software in order to formalize the documents to be used as legal documents.”

“The Criminal Investigation Branch at Bani Yas Police Station verified the different elements related to the crime (material and moral), and established a field plan and an impervious ambush. As a part of the plan, which was carried out following the appropriate legal procedures, an undercover police officer attempted to buy the forged documents, in order to catch the gang members red-handed,” he continued.

Major Al Mansouri added that the plan led to the arrest of three suspects, identified as A. F, 33 years; A. M, 48 years and A. A, 31 years. The forged documents were seized as evidence to be presented to the competent judicial authorities.

Moreover, Major Al Mansouri indicated that the station carried out the investigation into the circumstances of the cases. Upon questioning, the suspects confessed to working as middlemen between the gang’s mastermind (the main suspect) and other accomplices. “Following search and investigation, the rest of the gang members were located and arrested in possession of the devices and tools used in crime; notably the gang’s mastermind M. F, 38 years, and the remaining gang members; M. F, 22 years, R.A, 29 years and A. S, 23 years.

The suspects were referred to the public prosecution, along with the seized forged documents that included lease contracts, utility bills, cash receipts, and other documents, in addition to the devices used in the forgery, which proved the involvement of a number private sector facilities (photography studios).

The Director of the Bani Yas Police Station called upon the public to abide by the applicable laws and regulations, and to attach legal documents with their official applications, and to avoid falling prey to immoral individuals who seek illegal profit. In conclusion, Major Al Mansouri stressed the need for caution and urged community members to make sure of the safety of their commercial activities to preserve their rights. He also emphasized the need to immediately notify the police when suspecting such crimes, and praised the public’s cooperation by reporting all types of crime, which would contribute to preventing their occurrence.

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