Brigadier Obeid Salem Al Ketbi, Director General of Human Resources at Abu Dhabi Police, assured during the annual gathering of students from the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters who are training abroad, that the UAE provided all the necessary tools and support to its people to help in their education. “This is an opportunity that should be successfully grasped,” he called upon students to do all they can to achieve success for them and for their country, and wished them luck and success ahead.

Abu Dhabi Police represented by the Specialized Qualification Department had organized the gathering that included 105 new trainees. The gathering was held in the Decision-Making Support Center at the Police Departments Complex in Abu Dhabi.

The gathering was launched with the UAE national anthem followed by a recitation of the Holy Quran. Major Abdullah Al Shamesi from the Specialized Qualification Department commented: “Our wise leadership provided all necessary elements to dispatch UAE citizens to the finest universities in the developed world, so they can receive education in all specializations to better serve the benefits and needs of the country. It also aims to ensure their participating in the establishment and development of our precious country and continuing the successful journey of the founding fathers whose path is being followed by loyal the Emirati people. This lead to the transformation of the UAE into the best countries on the security and safety levels, and it made its people the happiest people in the world.”

He added that the scholarship program of Abu Dhabi Police aims on a scientific basis to provide all departments with qualified national staff to work in different police fields. He said that this is achieved by sending them to the best specialized universities in the world, so they can participate along with their colleagues in the journey of security and safety of our young nation.

“You are the hope and future of our country as you bear its name because you are its ambassadors abroad, so remember that you are responsible of being a good example of your country and of the Emirati citizen. You can achieve this through your behavior and the development of your scientific skills, and by benefitting from the years you spend away from home, so that you return home proud of your achievements and successes. These achievements and successes will qualify you to work in different jobs and participate with your colleagues in building and developing your precious country,” Major Al Shamesi added.

Captain Ali Al Zaabi, Chief of the Training and Qualification Section, expressed his happiness for the participation in the annual gathering. He noted that this gathering helps enhancing the communication tools with the trainers, ensuring the transfer of knowledge to them, and acquainting them with educational follow up mechanisms. The aim of this he said is to qualify them in the best possible way to elevate the status of the UAE in general and the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters in particular.

First Lieutenant Poet Abdullah Al Mahri recited a poem on the occasion, while Lieutenant Poet Hashem Al Sharif recited a poem that included advices for scholarship students abroad.

Concluding the event; Brigadier Al Ketbi accompanied by Colonel Othman Hajji Al Khoury, Head of the Specialized Qualification Department, honored a number of strategic partners, officers, and distinguished trainees.

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