In coordination with the Police Schools Department at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, the Security Scenarios Department, at the Directorate General of Security Support at the Ministry of Interior implemented an integrated security scenario to acquaint new recruits with the sequence of procedures followed in security events to ensure maximum levels of preparedness.

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Saif Lakhraibani Al Nuaimi, Head of the Security Scenarios Department, emphasized the Police leadership’s commitment to consolidate the pillars of strong police work, which rely on the members of the police and security forces. “To achieve this goal, the Ministry of Interior seeks to develop training methods to better qualify its staff members, by implementing an integrated set of security scenarios using the latest methods,” he noted.

Adding further, Lieutenant Colonel Al Nuaimi said: “In coordination with the Police Schools Department, we implemented a training scenario for the benefit of 36 recruits from Batch nr. 100. The program was designed to acquaint recruits with police field work, via a process of knowledge and expertise exchange with specialists from various police departments. This would reinforce and enhance self-confidence among police and security staff members in all areas of field work.”

The recruits were given an overview of the proper and optimal ways for patrol members to handle an armed attack; the procedures to make an arrest and control suspects; and the factors that warrant moving the troops according to priority. Recruits were also acquainted with the tools and equipment; the proper ways to handle hazardous materials, raids, arrests and explosives ordnance disposal; inspection methods using police sniffer dogs; as well as the optimal way to look for and collect evidence, and how to register and process them.

In conclusion, Lieutenant Colonel Al Nuaimi said: “The implementation of the scenario falls in line with the efforts to teach recruits the proper ways to address the various threats that may face them in their career as policemen, by providing them with the opportunity to learn from specialists and experts from the field police authorities.”

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