Lieutenant General Saif Abdullah Al Sha’far, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Interior, praised the sincere and diligent efforts exerted by the retired officers in promoting security, their unrelenting dedication in discharging their duties and shouldering the responsibilities during their tenure at the Ministry of Interior, which was brimming with giving and achievements.
In his speech at the ceremony held to honor the retired officers at the ministry, the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Interior said: “You have taken the solemn oath to be loyal to the flag and keep it flying aloft. You have shown dedication at work and have contributed, through your efforts, to elevate the Ministry of Interior to the most prominent and prestigious stature. This accolade reflects the ministry’s appreciation for the efforts you have exerted.”   

He added: “Your dedicated work and diligent efforts will remain engraved in the memory of subsequent police generations that have pledged to carry the torch and pursue police and security work at the Ministry of Interior.” Moreover, he noted that the retirees are a role model in loyalty and dedication; and stressed that their retirement is not the end of their journey in the service of their country, but the beginning if a new phase in the line of national duty. “The UAE will always be grateful to your distinguished efforts,” he continued. In conclusion, he wished the retirees further luck and success in their lives.

For their part, the honored retirees praised this generous gesture which reflects the leadership’s appreciation for their loyal efforts. They also expressed their thanks and appreciation to the police leadership for this accolade, which embodies the significant interaction and cohesion between the Ministry and all of its staff members, both active and retired.  They added that the police leadership’s guidance has had a significant impact on helping them perform their duties, and encouraged them to work as one united team, where everyone avails of his peers’ expertise. Towards the end of the ceremony, Lieutenant General Al Sha’far distributed   certificates of appreciation to the retired officers.

The ceremony was attended by Major General Khalifa Hareb Al Khaili, Acting Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Naturalization, Residency and Ports Affairs; Major General Mohammed bin Al Awadhi Al Menhali, Acting Assistant Undersecretary of Resources and Support Services; Major General Salem Al Shamesi, Director General of Finance and Services at MoI; along with director generals, department heads, and a number of officers at the Ministry of Interior.
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