Lt. General Saif Abdullah Al Sha’far, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Interior, encouraged the staff members enrolled in the second Creativity Development Program to continue providing their creative ideas. He said that these innovative ideas are to further enhance developmental efforts, to keep up with the latest developments, and to leverage the global experiences in this field.  The program is organized by the Creativity and Leadership Development Center at the Ministry of Interior in the General Secretariat of the Office of His Highness Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

During the meeting held at the Al Ittihad Hall in the Ministry’s headquarters, Lt. Gen. Al Sha’far met with the staff of the second Creativity Development Program; and said that the Ministry’s approach for dealing with innovative staff members stems from the keenness of the police leadership to provide support for creative thinkers. He said that in order to keep up with the march of comprehensive development throughout the entire UAE in various fields, the Ministry aims to enable innovators by raising their levels of efficiency and developing their capabilities through well though-out programs that are designed in accordance with the best practices.

The Ministry’s Undersecretary emphasized that the UAE pays great attention to the youth as an important element of national development. He said that the youth are the real asset and wealth of the country; hence the framework is in place to support their ambitions and hopes, and to enable them to actively participate in the development of the nation. He noted that the youth should be provided the capability to keep pace with the world’s successive developments, and to harness and leverage these developments in order to better serve and develop the UAE.

Lt. General Al Sha’far added that the UAE recognizes the importance of collective action both locally and internationally in order to maintain the security and stability of the nation, and to establish the UAE as one of the best countries in the world in terms of security and stability. He also noted the importance of strengthening the position of the UAE as one of the most innovative countries through the exchange of creative experiences and by further developing the nation.

He added that the MoI provides 25 percent of the overall services provided by the federal government, which requires the staff to work on innovating modern methods to facilitate the services provided by the Ministry to the citizens and residents in the UAE.

He encouraged the staff of the program to innovate in the various fields of policing and security work, and not to limit their innovation to a specific area. He also urged them to find innovative solutions for combatting crime and drugs, to decrease traffic congestion and accidents with the aim of preserving the security and stability of the UAE, and to establish security and peace of mind for its citizens and residents.
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