Participants at the Ministry of Interior’s Council, hosted by Saeed Mohammed Khalaf Al Rumaithi in his residence in Al Ain, under the title “The Culture of Civilized Driving”, called for enhancing traffic awareness of the various segments of society, and especially parents, about road ethics and rules. Participants also stressed the importance of abiding by traffic laws and legal speed limits.

The council, which was moderated by media personality Abdul Rahman Al Shamiri, Director General and Editor-in-Chief of Al Watan Newspaper, is part of the awareness councils organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau, in cooperation with the Security Media Department in the Directorate General of Security Support at the General Secretariat of the Office of His Highness Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.  The participants stressed the importance of including traffic safety awareness topics into educational curricula; especially the positive behaviors of civilized driving, in order to reinforce traffic awareness among the young generations.

The participants reviewed the major causes of traffic accidents and the violations that lead to such accidents, as well as the negative impact of curious people who crowd the scenes of accidents and impede rescue efforts. Participants also called on parents to monitor their children, as well as to advise them to abide by traffic laws and designated speed limits, to avoid reckless driving and without a driving license; all of which may expose them to tragic traffic accidents and legal consequences.

On the same note, participants underlined that traffic safety is a shared duty and responsibility that requires joint action and concerted efforts between the different public entities and community members to encourage motorists and pedestrians; especially the youth, to act responsibly towards themselves and others by complying with traffic laws and speed limits designated on internal and external roads.

The participants in the council praised the significant efforts exerted by the Traffic and Patrols Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police to instill the traffic culture via its year-round awareness campaigns on the various means of direct communication, such as councils, lectures and exhibitions, as well as the different TV, radio and print media outlets, and social media platforms.

Upon conclusion of the council, the host, Saeed Mohammed Khalaf Al Rumaithi praised the efforts of the Ministry of Interior to communicate and interact with various segments of the community, who in turn must support those efforts.

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