Participants in the Ministry of Interior’s Council recommended enhancing the role of family guidance and family monitoring on youths and teenagers, in order to counter and fight the scourge of drugs.

The council was hosted recently by Emirati citizen Saeed Mohammed Khalaf Al Rumaithi, at his house in Al Ain city, with the presence of Brigadier Ali Khalfan Al Dhaheri, Director General of the Headquarters Affairs at Abu Dhabi Police. The council was moderated by media personality Rashid Al Nuaimi, Secretary of the office of the Al Khaleej Newspaper in Al Ain. The council is held under the awareness councils that are organized by the Law Respect Bureau in the Ministry of Interior, throughout the year.

Held under the title “Drugs and Targeting the Youths,” the council called for enhancing the efforts of all concerned organizations in the country to prepare awareness programs to educate the youths about the dangers of drugs, and show them their negative impact on the individual and the society.

Colonel Dr. Salah Obeid Al Ghoul, Director of Law Respect Culture Bureau, said that the scourge of drugs is a concern that disturbs the peace of societies, because of the negative harmful impacts it has on the society and the individual, in addition to its lethal health effect, and the other economic, social and psychological impacts, which in turn impedes the progress of any society seeking prosperity and well-being.

He added that, out the awareness of the drug-fighting authorities in the country, efforts and capacities were mobilized to combat this social scourge. He referred to the importance of enhancing cooperation between the different parties and the community members, to unify and enhance all efforts to combat this scourge.

Colonel Al Ghoul called for fostering awareness about the risks of drugs throughout all layers of the society, as they have a vital and positive role in countering drugs, especially the campaigns that specialize in protecting the family from falling prey to drugs and other various poisons.

Colonel Sultan Suwayeh Al Darmaki, Chief of the Anti-Drug Section at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Abu Dhabi Police, said that the main goal of drug dealers in the world is to gain money through illegal ways, and eliminate the youths and teenagers, as they are the source of strength for any nation.

Lt. Colonel Dr. Juma Sultan Al Shamsi, Director of the Department of Drug Awareness and Prevention of the General Department of Antinarcotics, Dubai Police, said that among the main goals of drug dealers are to lure the youths into addiction, and accumulating wealth in cheap illegal ways.

He added that the absence of family guidance and family monitoring are among the main reasons of drug abuse among the youths.

Major Mohammed Al Mansouri, Awareness Branch Manager at the Anti-narcotics Section in the Criminal Investigation Department in Abu Dhabi Police, called upon the families to focus on monitoring children to protect them from falling into addiction.

Dr. Ahmed Yusuf, Chief of Psychiatry at the National Rehabilitation Center, said in his intervention that some addicts hesitate before going for treatment and rehabilitation, fearing that the society would know about their addiction. He noted that the center adopts the principle of secrecy in the treatment of addiction, which represents a value that encourages seeking treatment.

The Ministry of Interior’s council was concluded with an intervention by the host of the council, UAE national Saeed Mohammed Khalaf Al Rumaithi, who lauded this civilized initiative of the Ministry of Interior, represented by the awareness councils. He said that it enables the enhancement of societal relations between the community organizations and families, strengthens their awareness and discusses the various viewpoints.

Al Rumaithi said that the Police Command in the country are exerting utmost efforts and leveraging all potentials to preserve the security and stability of the society. He noted that the scourge of drugs is not limited to a certain country or society, rather it is spread worldwide, and this why it is essential to establish deep cooperation between various concerned entities to combat it.
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