In a recently held Ministry of Interior Council, participants called for establishing the culture of reporting crime and spreading this practice in its various forms. The council, entitled  “The Culture of Reporting Crime and its Impact on Society”, was hosted by UAE national Saeed Mohammed Khalaf Al Rumaithi in Al Ain.

Participants emphasized that through establishing such a culture, the community would subsequently benefit in the areas of security and safety. They also called for concerted and unified efforts in addressing negative behaviors through active community participation.

Saeed Al Rumaithi, the council’s host, stressed the importance of promoting the awareness culture in society and particularly emphasized its impact on youth. He pointed out that in order to preserve the security of society, there needs to be a positive and effective role in the reporting of legal violations in a timely manner. Al Rumaithi argued that communal cohesiveness, regardless of societal segment, is the key to positively contributing to reducing crime rates and preventing various types of crimes and behaviors.

The council was moderated by media personality Mohammed Al Ra’isi, from Sharjah TV. Speakers at the council referred to the importance for the public to realize their critical role in reporting violations of law. They also emphasized the importance of strengthening community awareness, so that every individual deems it necessary to take the initiative and quickly report to the police if they witnessed any crime.

Brigadier Ali Khalfan Al Dhaheri, Director General of the Headquarters Affairs at Abu Dhabi Police, said that our righteous religion of Islam, our traditions and culture, and our nationality encourage us to report the various types of crime in order to preserve the march of safety and security that was established by the United Arab Emirates. He urged the community to take the initiative and to quickly report, as it is a national duty and a communal society responsibility that is not limited to the police institution and competent authorities.

For his part, Colonel Abdullah Al Hosani, Head of Policies and Standards Department at the Directorate General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Abu Dhabi, addressed the codified standards followed by the MoI in granting entry visas to the country, which help prevent and reduce crimes.

Dr. Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director of the Ministry of Labor Office in Al Ain, highlighted the importance of enhancing the awareness culture among society members, as they are the first line of defense. He called for fostering the role of media and expanding the  breadth of awareness campaigns and programs to raise awareness about the culture of crime reporting to include increasingly-important social media.

Major Ibrahim Hassan Al Mamari, Chief of Violators and Foreigners Affairs Section in Al Ain, stated that the spread of crime reporting culture is now better than before. He stressed the importance of intensifying awareness programs, since the culture of reporting crime is a main factor in helping the police catch violators, reduce crime and achieve highest level of security.

At the end of the council which was attended by many citizens, the host, Saeed Al Rumaithi, lauded the efforts of the Ministry of Interior, represented by the Law Respect Culture Bureau. He highlighted that the awareness councils aim to raise the level of law awareness regarding the various community issues, and are beneficial in finding the most appropriate methods to address the issues. 

Lt. Colonel Dr. Hamoud Al Afari, Deputy Director of the Law Respect Culture Bureau, honored the host of the council.
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