Emirati student Lieutenant Gharib Hilal Al Junaibi, one of the Ministry of Interior’s staff members, has graduated summa cum laude from the 27th Military Wing regiment of Mutah University in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  Outranking his fellow graduates from brotherly Arab countries, Lt. Al Junaibi majored in Public Administration and Military Sciences.

Graduating with such distinction comes as a culmination of Lt. Al Junaibi’s aspirations prior to studying at the university; and of which, had put into motion following his enrollment in the prominent university in military, academic, and scientific affairs.

Graduating with the highest honors, Lt. Al Junaibi was honored during a major ceremony held at Mutah University in the southern city of Karak, Jordan. Lt. Al Junaibi received his award amidst the applause from a large audience, which comes in honor of his achievement and excellence that is befitting of the UAE – a nation that takes great pride in the superiority of its citizens in academic and scientific fields throughout international educational institutions.  

For those who know him, it was no surprise for Lt. Al Junaibi to achieve the top rank.  His keenness and strong desire to excel were evident from the first year of academic study, where he undertook the study of various academic sciences and went through difficult military training.

Lt. Al Junaibi stressed that he was able to outclass other students thanks to his desire to safeguard the bright and leading image of Emirati students abroad, thus reflecting the higher leadership’s vision of innovation, creativity and excellence. He aspired to be of benefit to the nation and enhance its stature in terms of global competitiveness indicators; which encourage all citizens to strive for opportunities to deliver excellence and achievement in order to supplement the journey of construction and benevolence.

After his graduation, Lt. Al Junaibi joined the Directorate General of Strategy and Performance Development at the Ministry of Interior, hoping to pursue excellence within the framework of job motivation provided by the Ministry of Interior to its staff members. He chose this path in order to participate in the development of the policing system. With limitless ambition, Lt. Al Junaibi looks forward to completing his postgraduate studies in his field of specialization.  

Lt. Al Junaibi pointed out that while his field training was extremely challenging at the university, he felt that his studies weren’t as difficult due to the encouragement and motivation from his parents to excel alongside his commitment and perseverance to eliminate any difficulty that hinders great achievements.
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