The passport control department at Al Ghuwaifat Border point in the emirate of Abu Dhabi handled more than 59,000 passengers arriving and departing during the Eid Al-Fitr holidays. According to statistics, the number of arrivals to the country through this particular border port amounted to 39,769 passengers, visiting the UAE to enjoy the holiday season and various touristic activities. The figures indicate an increase in the numbers of arrivals to the UAE compared to the number of departures during Eid, although many residents travel to spend these holidays in their home countries.

Major Rashid Hamdan Al Naqbi, Chief of the Ghuwaifat Border Point Security Police Section at the Ports and Airports Security Department at Abu Dhabi Police, indicated that the governmental bodies working at the checkpoint have taken the necessary measures to provide the necessary facilities to travelers, and minimize any hassles during this period that usually witnesses large numbers of visitors, wishing to spend the holiday in the UAE. He pointed out that the UAE has become a favorite, safe and family-friendly destination for Arab and Gulf nationals. To this end, readiness has been increased, in order to facilitate procedures and ensure a smooth trip for travelers, by providing them with all means of comfort and distinguished services that guarantee a speedy completion of transactions.

Moreover, Major Al Naqbi stressed the Abu Dhabi Police’s keenness to provide excellent and timely services to passengers coming in and out of the country through the Al Ghuwaifat Border. These measures come in line with the ongoing efforts to serve the public and provide an honorable and distinguished image of the government service; in a way that befits the UAE’s unique reputation as a leading and favorite tourist destination and a haven of security and safety.

In conclusion, Major Al Naqbi noted that the completion of travel procedures through the port does not exceed 5 minutes in natural cases, and that all of the counters are operating non-stop to avoid any hassle or delay for travelers by land. He added that the port is equipped with the essential general facilities, ambulance units, medical staff, civil defense, safety, and emergency teams; praising the cooperation of all governmental bodies to provide services for individuals arriving and departing through the Al Ghuwaifat  Border.
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