A delegation from the Al Ain Traffic Section at the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police visited patients at the Tawam Hospital in Al Ain who are receiving treatments due to traffic-related injuries. The purpose of the visit was to interact with victims of traffic accidents and to share the joyful spirit of Eid since the patients are spending the holiday away from their families while in the hospital.

Major Matar Abdullah Al Muhairi, Chief of the Al Ain Traffic Section, emphasized the keenness of the directorate to extend bridges of cooperation and strengthen the relationship between police and the community. He highlighted how the Abu Dhabi Police are committed to the humanitarian aspects of the community outreach methodology and seek to engage the community by participating in all public events.

The delegation, which distributed flowers and wishes of speedy recovery to the patients, was headed by Maj. Matar Abdullah Al Muhairi and included Captain Hamdan Hassan bin Thiban, Public Relations Branch Manager; First Lieutenant Khalid Muhammad Al Azizi; First Warrant Officer Abdullah Khamis Al Saadi; and Abdullah Rashid Al Ghaithi, Public Relations Branch Admin.

In turn, the injured traffic accident victims expressed their gratitude for the gesture of the Abu Dhabi Police and for their commitment to connect with them. The patients offered advice for road users, guiding them to adhere to speed limits and the laws of traffic and to not be distracted while driving.
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