The Al Ain Social Support Center, affiliated to the Social Support Centers Department at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ has organized a set of outreach lectures on the negative effect of technology use. The lectures were held throughout the month of December and benefitted as many as 1,212 students.

Colonel Ali Al Badi, Director of the Al Ain Social Support Center, emphasized the Social Support Centers Department’s commitment to provide prevention services to all segments of society through outreach programs. “The department also endeavors to disseminate the security culture in its areas of competence, so as to increase security awareness among the public, through a variety of means, including organizing lectures, workshops and seminars, distributing awareness brochures, as well as preparing campaigns designed to raise awareness of the various segments of society about the different social problems and family issues,” he added.

Additionally, Colonel Al Badi pointed out that Al Ain Social Support Center has organized 14 awareness lectures, as a part of the initiatives carried out by the Social Support Centers Department, in coordination with other police entities. “The lectures aimed at boosting awareness of the youth, especially school and university students, about the risks and dangers resulting from the negative use of modern technology means and applications,” noted Colonel Al Badi.

On the same note, the Director of the Al Ain Social Support Center explained that the youth are the largest segment of users of these means, which underscores the need to raise their awareness and provide them with guidance to ensure they are well protected against the various potential risks. “The best way to promote awareness on the safe internet use is to reach out to young people and to educate young people about hazards associated with Internet use at an early age,” he concluded.

The lectures were delivered by a number of psychologists and social workers and tackled several topics such as the risks of misusing new technology and the problems that may ensue. The lectures also warned students against sharing photos and information with strangers and introduced them to the safe use of the Internet and social media.

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