The Residency and Foreigners Affairs Department in Al Ain inaugurated the Customers Self Service Lounge. The lounge enable customers to process their applications online as it is furnished with all technological equipment and other tools to facilitate processes.

The lounge is an integrated platform providing photocopiers, fax, scanners and other equipment. This equipment will facilitate processes by saving time spent on photocopying and printing the required documents. Customers can obtain a copy of the procedures required for main and sub-services and print it for free.

The platform also provides access to the e-services of the Department for companies and governmental institutions that are registered and activated on (Fawri) system for companies. This system enables institutions and company owners to process applications, as it also enables other customers to print their applications via the new facility by logging in to This service is dedicated to printing residency and visa applications and other main and sub-services that are related to residency, entry permits, payment with credit cards, and direct application to the Department.

Colonel Khalifa Matar Balquba' Al Humairi, Director of the Residency and Foreigners Affairs Department in Al Ain said: “realizing customers’ happiness tops the priorities that we strive to achieve following the directives of the wise leadership. It also reflects the UAE achievement in ranking first in Arab Happiness Indicator by realizing customers’ satisfaction and happiness regarding government services. We are keen to realize the happiness of all parties that we deal with, including partners, customers, and society as a whole.”

He also explained that efforts of the Residency and Foreigners Affairs Department in Al Ain to realize customers’ happiness is translated via upgrading systems and enhancing services in response to the wise government approaches regarding fostering communication channels with customers to realize their happiness. This is one of the top priorities of the strategic plan of the Ministry of Interior and its institutional values and strategic objectives aiming to promote the public trust in the efficiency of the government services.

It is worth mentioning that Colonel Al Humairi, accompanied by Colonel Mohammed Al Nabhani, Deputy Director of the Residency and foreigners Affairs Department in Al Ain, have previously inaugurated the new platform. The inauguration ceremony coincided with the Happiness Day that was celebrated recently in the UAE. The ceremony included other activities such as distributing the customer service charter in Arabic and English for customers, brochures about procedures of service provision, distributing flowers and deserts, and serving traditional dishes.

Colonel Al Humairi also met with customers and took their notices and suggestions about the services. He also reviewed their opinions and discussed developmental suggestions and aspirations regarding the Department services.

Towards the end of the events, Colonel Al Humairi honored active customers who have continuous and positive communication with the Department by providing suggestions for developing and facilitating procedures and service provision.

For their part, customers expressed their happiness about the Department’s initiative noting that it represents an indicator of the Department’s interest in communicating with customers directly and following up with their needs. They also valued the efforts of the Department and staff for positive interaction and cooperation with customers as well as their warm welcoming and continuous efforts for speeding up processes and providing information and guidance to customers.

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