In cooperation with the Family Development Foundation in Al Ain, the Al Ain Police Officers Club organized a lecture about “the role of parents in encouraging their adult children to marry”. The lecture is part of the police’s community interaction programs.

The lecture, which was attended by a number of officers and individuals, was delivered by Advisor Dr. Mohammed Al Kundari. The lecturer tackled a number of topics, notably the importance of encouraging young people to marry, reinforcing parents’ role in educating their adult children on the need to balance between marriage, the successful completion of their schooling and personal development; in addition to raising parents’ awareness on the need to reduce wedding expenses and helping their adult children to overcome obstacles to marriage.

Dr. Al Kundari also listed the reasons why  young people are reluctant to marry, notably fear of failure, fear of lifelong commitment, marriage obligations, preoccupation with internet usage and social media addiction, in addition to the high costs of weddings and confrontation of wills between parents and children.

As a part of the lecture, Dr. Al Kundari also talked about the need to understand young people’s behavior and their wish to remain unencumbered by relationship, to seek entertainment, pursue their hobbies and travel without restrictions. He also discussed the family’s role in encouraging young people to marry and teaching them the importance of marriage in building communities, and teaching children to be responsible since childhood.

The lecturer also stressed on the importance of dealing with the impacts of reluctance to wed between both men and women, which may yield negative impacts on productivity in society. He called for concerted efforts between the various community institutions to support young people, and encouraging them to marry, because marriage is a key factor to preserve the cohesion of communities and to maintain families’ structure.

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