In preparation for the Eid Al Fitr holiday, the Al Ain Police Directorate has completed the preparations to enhance the security and safety of the public. Security levels will be tightened and police officers will be available near prayer lawns, public parks, residential neighborhoods, and the city’s entrances and exits.

Colonel Mohammed Suhail Al Rashidi, Director of Al Ain Police Directorate, stated that the designated plan was developed to promote the safety and security of the citizens, residents, and visitors in the city of Al Ain. He pointed out that Al Ain is a prominent destination for tourism and leisure for families from neighboring emirates and countries.

He pointed that al the comprehensive police stations at Al Ain Police Directorate, will mobilize police patrols in residential neighborhoods and touristic attractions in order to communicate and interact with the public and to provide any help necessary.

Col. Al Rashidi called upon all community members and advised them to adhere to the rules of safety and security, to abide by the traffic laws, and to follow police instructions. He also asked them to keep an eye on their children while they are in the public parks and other touristic attractions and not to leave them unattended.  He then wished everyone a happy and safe holiday.

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