The Al Ain Police Officers Club, in cooperation with the Family Development Foundation in Al Ain, organized a lecture regarding the strategies for building the bridges of communication and intimacy in families. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Nawal Saleh Al Muhaini, Kuwaiti Social Advisor and Expert in the field of ''Human Contact and Human Relations'', and CEO of a human development company in Kuwait. 

Dr. Al Muhaini addressed various topics in her lecture, which included the difference in communicational values between Adam and Eve and the essential skills for communication and personal behavior. A large number of staff members from the Al Ain Police Directorate and Comprehensive Police stations attended the lecture. 

The Kuwaiti Expert also shed light on the concept of family intimacy, which is represented through sharing one’s needs, dreams, hopes, worries, and delights with others. Dr. Al Muhaini spoke about the origins and foundations of constructive positive dialogue, and its positive effect on individuals. She also defined the basic skills required for the process of communication, including the skills of speaking, listening and dialogue.

In her lecture, Dr. Al Muhaini also focused on the basics of listening and active listening, forms of verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as the effective communication properties; stressing the need to pursue effective communication in a systematic, integrated, interactive, and variable way. She pointed out that body language, noise, emotions, feelings about the person with whom one is communicating with, and various word meanings can sometimes be obstacles to effective communication. 
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