The Civil Defense Department in Al Ain urged campers to abide by the mandatory prevention and safety measures while camping. This stems out of the Department's keenness to promote community partnership, raise public awareness, achieve security and safety, and provide a safe environment for everyone.

As the winter season witnesses an increased number of family trips in the wilderness; Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Saeed Al Neyadi, Acting Head of the Al Ain Civil Defense Department, emphasized the importance of implementing and complying with the designated security and safety measures.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Neyadi called upon families to observe the conditions and instructions issued by the competent entities while camping. "These instructions include choosing the appropriate location for camping, buying quality tents made of fire-resistant fabrics, and placing fire pits in an area away from flammable materials, like carpets, and surrounding them with sand,” he said.

The Acting Head of the Al Ain Civil Defense Department additionally advised campers to choose a charcoal of quality, and one that does not emit sparks. He said that campers should always have fire extinguishers with them, and to always extinguish the fire before going to sleep. Should a fire occur without an extinguisher nearby, Lieutenant Colonel Al Neyadi urged campers to use water and sand, or other raw materials, and call for help.

The Acting Head of the Al Ain Civil Defense Department reiterated his appeal to the public to comply with the requirements of prevention and public safety while camping. Moreover, he advised them to stay away from mountainous, rugged and flooded areas in order to preserve their lives and to protect lives and property. “Remember to always listen to the advice from the police forces prior to and during the camping trip, and never hesitate to ask for help,” he said.

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