The Abu Dhabi Police, in coordination with the Anti-Narcotics Federal Directorate General at the Ministry of Interior, managed to arrest an African transit passenger in possession of 13 kg of cocaine that she attempted to smuggle through Abu Dhabi Airport. The narcotics were stashed in secret compartments inside weight plates and clothing buttons (in the form of pills). 

According to Brigadier Dr Rashid Mohammed Borshid, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), the woman was suspected because she was taking the same suspicious flight route. The police were vigilant because they had arrested similar suspects while trying to take flights via the Abu Dhabi International Airport (Transit) on their way from a Latin American country to an Asian country.  

Brigadier Borshid explained that the suspect, identified as 26-year old M. B., recently entered the UAE on a visit visa, was behaving suspiciously in the transit area and showed signs of extreme confusion and discomfort, which attracted the attention of the authorities at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.   “The suspect was submitted to a screening test by the competent airport authorities; this led to the discovery of an amount of expensive cocaine stashed inside well-hidden secret compartments in her travel bag,” he continued.

Brigadier Dr. Borshid reiterated the Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to providing the proper training for its anti-narcotics personnel according to the highest international standards. “This would reinforce anti-narcotics personnel’s ability to identify all types of drugs and illegal substances and enable them to foil the most common smuggling attempts, regardless of the concealment method,” he said. 

The Head of the Criminal Investigation Department called upon the public to report any suspicious acts quickly and to always cooperate with the police. He also encouraged the public to communicate with the Abu Dhabi Police through its official channels in order to confront any promotion or smuggling attempts; to nab any smuggler or dealer who targets members of the community; to maintain the national gains and achievements; and to protect national wealth and youth.

Regarding the details of the operation, Colonel Sultan Suwayeh Al Darmaki, Chief of the Anti-Drug Section at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) said that the suspect was arrested at Abu Dhabi Airport after she looked tired and confused, which aroused the suspicion of the police. The smuggler was subjected to a special screening test, which revealed the concealed stash hidden in her luggage.

 “When questioned, the visitor confessed to the smuggling attempt for 35 thousand US dollars. She was arrested and referred to the competent authorities along with the seized items for further investigation; and any dream of achieving financial gains in this manner was destroyed,” he said.

Colonel Al Darmaki also noted that heightened vigilance, competence and expertise coupled with a strong sense of security are key features of anti-narcotics officers, as they endeavor to uncover and foil any attempts to smuggle drugs, regardless of the concealment method.

It is worth mentioning that the Abu Dhabi Police is committed to responding to public reports in order to strengthen security, stability, and crime prevention. Members of the public can communicate with the Abu Dhabi Police via the Aman service to deliver information regarding security and social issues round-the-clock in Arabic, English and Urdu. To do so, they can dial the toll-free number, 8002626, send an SMS to 2828, send an e-mail to Aman via the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters' website, (, or call the Operations Room on 999.
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