The Traffic and Patrols Directorate announced the activation of 12 radars across four roads in Al Ain on Sunday. The new radars will be adjusted according to the legal speed limits set on those roads. This step is part of the strategic priority of making the roads a safer place, as per the Abu Dhabi Police’s traffic plan.

Major Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al Zaidi, Deputy Head of Traffic and Road Safety Engineering Department, pointed out that the locations of the new radars have been determined based on accidents and traffic violations. “The main goal of installing the new radars is to reduce high speeds and avoid traffic accidents, which cause deaths and economic losses,” noted Major Al Zaidi.

Additionally, Major Al Zaidi indicated that the new radars were installed on a number of major roads, such as Al Saad-Sweihan Road, Al Ain-Abu Dhabi Road through Al Yahar, in Bada’a Hal in Al Khail, and in Al Saad. “The radars were set as per the law and in accordance with the legal speed limits designated for these roads,” he said.

Major Dr. Al Zaidi urged drivers to abide by designated speed limits, pay attention and to remain cautious, which will reduce traffic accidents of all types and the resulting deaths, and serious and negative social effects.

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