The Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) warned motorists about the risks of failing to secure their bicycles during transport, which may cause bikes to fall off into oncoming traffic and cause serious traffic accidents. The directorate noted that drivers who fail to safely attach their bicycles will be fined AED 200 and have their vehicle impounded for one week, as per Article 80 of the Traffic Code.

Colonel Mohammad Dahi, Chief of the Traffic Investigation Section, at the Traffic and Patrols Directorate of the Abu Dhabi Police, advised individuals to safely attach their bikes while hauling them around on their vehicles. He also called upon them to use bicycle lanes and tracks; to use a headlight, a rear light or reflector after dark; to avoid carrying any other passenger on the bike; to avoid being towed by another bicycle or vehicle and to refrain from bicycling side by side on the road.

Additionally, Chief of the Traffic Investigation Section urged motorists to use bike racks to transport their bicycles. He said: “Bike racks are easy to install; they secure bikes in place and do not cause damage to the vehicle. Moreover, transporting the bike inside the vehicle may block the driver’s view out of rear windows, ultimately posing a risk to the driver and other road users.”

Furthermore, Colonel Dahi highlighted the multiple reasons that lead to bicycle accidents while transporting or using them. They include, bikes falling on the road into oncoming traffic during transport; and accidents resulting from riding bikes against traffic and on major roads that are not designated for bikes. Moreover, he called upon bikers to be extremely cautious and to ride their bikes in places where riding bikes is allowed, such as parks or public gardens. He also urged bikers to wear protective helmets and arms and knees protective gear; to install lights, wear jackets equipped with lights or phosphorus biker jackets while riding in poorly-lit or dark areas and to avoid using mobile phones while riding.

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