The Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Directorate General of Central Operations at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ hosted a lecture to educate the Indian community in Abu Dhabi on the importance of ensuring tire safety in order to avoid traffic accidents.

The awareness lecture was recently organized at the Indian Islamic Centre- Abu Dhabi. It is part of the awareness programs intended to educate the different communities living in the UAE and reinforce their traffic education in order to reduce all causes of accidents and the fatalities, and serious injuries resulting from such incidents.

Colonel Jamal Salem Al Ameri, Chief of Public Relations Section at the Traffic and Patrols Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police, explained that the traffic awareness program organized for the benefit of the Indian community is an integral part of the Abu Dhabi Police’s safety strategy to make roads safer. “As a part of the program, advice and guidance was provided about tire safety and the dangers of traffic accidents resulting from tire bursts,” he said. The lecture was delivered in English and Hindi by Corporal Saleh Al Khaili from the Public Relations Section, and attended by 300 individuals.

Colonel Al Ameri called upon light vehicles and trucks drivers and other road users in Abu Dhabi to observe safety requirements. He also stressed the need to use new and appropriate tires and to acquaint drivers with the available information imprinted on the tires alongside the ways to distinguish between good and bad quality tires.

The awareness program included awareness documentary films, and distribution of brochures that showcase the dangers associated with serious traffic accidents that occur due to tire bursts, caused by cracks or damage in the tire or by expired tires, especially with high temperatures during the summer that may cause tires wear and tear.

The lecture also tackled the major causes behind tire bursts, including low or high air pressure and overloading the vehicle. Moreover, the lecture provided the necessary information that drivers should be aware of before purchasing tires. They include the manufacturing date and date of expiry after installation (6 months for trucks and 2 years for light vehicles); the importance of changing an expired tire; and the proper ways to store tires. Drivers should also be aware of how to inspect tires prior to buying, and to ensure that they have not been affected by heat or humidity – as this increases the dangers of a tire burst and subsequently leads to accidents.
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