As part of its participation in the upcoming GITEX 2015, the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters will showcase a number of various advanced projects and technologies, to support the future solutions of building safe and smart cities.

Brigadier Engineer Hussein Ahmed Al Harthi, Director General of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police, said that these projects come in line with the police leadership’s directives to provide ways to ensure further leadership into the future. These projects also aim to empower citizens and institutions to drive modernization and innovation forward in order to meet the different types of challenges and overcome potential obstacles that may face the next generations of UAE citizens, and ensure further prosperity and stability for citizens, residents, and visitors alike.

Brigadier Al Harthi hailed the support of the higher leadership, and its keenness to upgrade the services system in accordance with the best international standards. He pointed that the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Abu Dhabi Police will present industry-leading technologies and solutions by which traffic flow will be monitored and managed through the smart traffic center to make Abu Dhabi a safe and smart city. He also noted that the center will gather data from various systems affiliated with the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, and will constantly analyze the data to provide the best solutions and achieve the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness in decision making.

“The center will be linked to more than 25 different systems; including smart towers systems to display alerts and warning messages to drivers via electronic sign boards; ; and the surveillance system to detect speeding motorists who jump the red light signal,” he added. He also noted that the center  will also comprise a traffic safety management system; traffic accidents analysis system; traffic awareness smart system; traffic accidents reconstruction system, which is used to reconstruct major traffic accidents in support of studies and analysis; traffic accidents data management system; and an electronic fine issuance system.”

He pointed that these technologies will help to streamline traffic flow, ease the pressure on roads infrastructure and the environment, and raise the levels of traffic safety. He noted that the studies suggest that the smart traffic systems would enhance road network capacity to approximately 30 percent.

For his part Captain Ahmed Al Muhairi, Chief of the Traffic Safety Section, mentioned that the technological solutions utilized in the field of traffic safety help eliminate traffic-related problems and congestions. “This is achieved by providing advanced methods of traffic management that would streamline traffic flow, by linking the traffic systems’ center to a number of high-end technological devices,” he continued.

Moreover, Captain Al Muhairi pointed that the center is an integrated solution to handle traffic issues, by deploying official and civilian patrols, as well as the police staff in the streets of the emirate; in addition to classifying areas based on the emergency notifications and violations, and identifying the areas in need of an increased number of traffic patrols.

This comprehensive solution comes in the wake of the various initiatives and projects, launched by the Ministry of interior, to monitor improvement opportunities and the requirements of traffic work, as well as establishing plans to develop the applied practices. This can be achieved by implementing smart traffic systems, coordinating with relevant departments and institutions in the field of roads and transportation, while setting the standards aimed at choosing or developing traffic systems, in addition to standardizing and integrating traffic systems.
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