The Abu Dhabi Police, represented by the Social Support Centers and the Community Police Departments, affiliated to the General Directorate of the Community Protection and Crime Prevention at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, took part in the First Abu Dhabi Family Forum 2015, which was organized by the Family Development Foundation. Also participating was the MoI Child Protection Center.

This participation comes as part of the Abu Dhabi Police’s strategy aimed at reinforcing relations with society, by taking part in their community-based activities. This approach would enhance public confidence in the police, acquaint community members with the provided services and how to leverage them, and deliver awareness to segments of society; via educational brochures and booklets and by responding to their inquiries.

During the forum, the Social Support Centers Department at Abu Dhabi Policed gave an overview of its different activities and objectives, which reflect its commitment to address social problems, domestic violence issues, and family disputes via scientific and modern methods. This falls in line with the ADP’s keenness to enhance the family’s role in ensuring the security and stability of society, being the basic building block or unit of society.

A group of female staff members from the Social Support Centers Department briefed the forum’s visitors about the department’s tasks and its continuous participation in preparing and implementing plans that support the family’s stability; in accordance with its strategic plans aimed at making society that is aware of the risks of crime.

The department also organized a set of educational programs, workshops, and seminars for parents and children, in order to spread awareness among society segments, as well as support families and assist them in protecting their children against all aspects of abuse. Highly qualified and experienced experts assisted in these efforts to provide counseling for parents, children, and other society segments.

As a part of the forum, the Community Police Department showcased its duties and efforts in enhancing confidence between the police institution and society; as well as it endeavor to boost relations between police staff members and community members, by encouraging a spirit of participation and contributing to reducing the crime rate and ensuring a safe environment.

The Community Police Department distributed awareness leaflets at the forum, while the concept of community police and its achievements were displayed on a giant screen set up on site. The community police volunteers were also present. Such events reflect the ADP’s strategy and objectives, which seek to provide better community services and enhance communication with various segments of society.

The MoI Child Protection Center organized competitions and workshops targeting children in order to deliver awareness messages in an entertaining way that contributes to instilling the correct principles and behaviors among them; in addition to the brainstorming session that witnessed significant interaction and provided a number of creative ideas that promote the safety aspects.

The center also organized a lecture entitled "The disabled child - his rights and the duty of family and society towards him" targeting the category of children with special needs who need special care.

The center’s pavilion witnessed a significant turnout of children and parents, who expressed their admiration for the manuals and brochures that were distributed. Visitors to the pavilion were also acquainted with the   "electronic reporting" system, which can be accessed through the link , to report any kind of physical or psychological harm that children might face.

The forum also included a presentation about the toll-free (116111) hotline, which has been recently launched in order to receive reports of child abuse or any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. This falls in line with the MoI’s strategy that gives children’s safety and security top priority and always seeks to implement the best practices in the area of children and families protection.
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