The Directorate General of Police Operations at Abu Dhabi Police organized a workshop titled “Evaluating the Investigative Process Development”. The workshop falls within the framework of the efforts to develop improvement and development opportunities and to upgrade the level and quality of performance.

The workshop was inaugurated by Major General Omair Muhammad Al Muhairi, Director General of Police Operations, in the presence of officers from the Police Operations Department and police stations, in addition to investigation officers from the different general directorates and departments of police operations.

The workshop provided an overview of the investigative process details and implementation stages, according to elaborate procedures and work plans that are consistent with the best and the latest investigation theories and experiences applied internationally.

During the workshop, investigation officers had the opportunity to bring up all their questions and inquiries, and to discuss the development and improvement process. They also reviewed some of the challenges they faced during the program’s application phase, and made the necessary improvements to a number of procedures included in the plan.

Major General Al Muhairi stressed on the importance of this workshop to brainstorm the optimal ways to develop the investigative process. He also emphasized the need to review the observations made by investigation officers in their field work, in order to discuss the obstacles and elaborate the appropriate solutions to achieve the highest quality and upgrade the level of the investigative process.

Moreover, Major General Al Muhairi also called upon investigation officers to work as one team and to provide the ideal environment conducive to the highest degrees of success. He also urged them to exert further excellence and innovation, and to provide creative ideas that would promote the culture of excellence and boost the level of performance.

In conclusion, Major General Al Muhairi stressed the need to encourage distinguished individuals and entrepreneurs, which would enhance the civilized image of Abu Dhabi Police, which became one of the best police institutions in the world in the fight against crime. He urged investigation officers to always work according to the team leader concept, who gives the team the necessary support and direction encourages teamwork spirit in order to move the team towards successfully fulfilling its goals and achieving excellence. “This would ultimately contribute to developing work mechanisms according to the highest standards of quality,” he said.

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