The Abu Dhabi Police has made special motorbike modifications for use as a first respondent. The bike features particular specifications and is equipped with manual and rechargeable electric tools and equipment to rescue victims trapped inside vehicles after serious accidents.

Brigadier Engineer Hussein Ahmed Al Harthi, Director General of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police, stressed the importance of providing comprehensive capabilities and innovative technical solutions for emergency teams and rescue operations. This ensures the highest levels of response and safety for everyone involved in serious emergencies and traffic accidents. These standards can be achieved by adopting the best initiatives and strategic plans to train the force personnel and enhance their levels preparedness. This enables them to perform their duties in saving and rescuing the victims of serious emergencies or traffic accidents. These practices are in keeping with the implementation of the best of international standards.

From his perspective, Colonel Mohammed Ibrahim Al Ameri, Head of the Emergency and Public Safety Department at Abu Dhabi Police said that the Department’s creativity and innovation team was able to design the tools and equipment to facilitate the response teams in carrying out their duties, by swiftly responding to emergencies and overcoming some of the traditional challenges that face the rescue and emergency teams, such as cutting vehicles to rescue victims from the wreckage. These efforts reflect the directives of the leadership and its eagerness to make the Abu Dhabi Police a pioneer in utilizing the best of technologies and innovative solutions.

He added that designing the rescue motorbike as a ‘First Respondent,’ equipped with the tools and equipment, is necessary for the teams to perform their duties. It enables them to cut open vehicle wreckage and rescue victims as soon as possible, thereby avoiding any further injuries to the victims. These procedures are as per the emergency aid protocols followed by qualified specialists, and part of the appropriate steps transfer them to a safe location and wait for the specialist ambulance crew.

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