Visitors to the Qasr Al Hosn Festival 2016 were acquainted with Abu Dhabi Police’s various stages of establishment, and with the tasks and duties of the police officers and guards during that period. The festival’s organizers set up a replica of the first Police Station that was established in 1957, north of the Qasr Al Hosn, where the station was originally located.

Colonel Saif Al Shamesi, Chief of the Cultural and Sporting Activity Section at the Clubs Department, and the Officer supervising the Abu Dhabi Police’s participation in the festival, pointed out that old photographs were exhibited at the station, showcasing the history and evolution of the police force; while a police unit wearing the old style uniform and logo showed off in daily rounds during the festival.

Adding further, he said: “Police officers dressed in the 1957 old style uniform entertained visitors in a folkloric display of old police discipline. Colonel Al Shamesi noted that various police departments took part in the Festival, namely the Directorate General of Finance and Police Services at the Abu Dhabi Police; the Directorate General of Guards and Special Tasks; the Police College; and the Security Media Department General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Interior.

Colonel Al Shamesi added that Police officers parading in formations, wearing their traditional costumes, demonstrating mock tasks upon their commander’s orders and taking up positions in land and sea locations, and around the markets. “The festival goers were also acquainted with the police’s traditional work system, the training methods received by police personnel on martial arts and combat techniques, as well as the ethics of social behavior, and security and community services,” he explained.

It is worth mentioning that the first Abu Dhabi Police unit was established in 1957; its duties were almost limited to protecting some sites and locations including the Ruler’s palace (Qasr al Hosn), markets, and banks (only two banks existed at the time). Abu Dhabi Police were also responsible for guarding the ships and vessels that used to sail from neighboring countries, in addition to bringing outlaws to the ruler in cases of disputes and complaints.

In 1957, Abu Dhabi Police only had 150 officers. It was called the “Police Department” and was located north of the Qasr al Hosn, which was the center of Abu Dhabi City at that time. The “Police Department” building consisted of three offices only; for the Police Commander, the Assistant Officer and the Deputy Commander.

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