The Abu Dhabi Police, represented by the Clubs Department at the General Directorate of Finance and Services, recently marked the Regional Environment Day by planting different types of trees in the Police Officers’ Club’ garden in Abu Dhabi.

Colonel Ahmad Saeed Al Badi, Head of the Clubs Department, stressed the significant attention dedicated by Abu Dhabi Police to the environment, health and safety issues. He said: “The Abu Dhabi Police is keen to implement world-class Environmental and Health and Safety standards across all police departments.”

Adding further, he indicated that celebrating the Regional Environment Day embodies the keen interest of all concerned to reinforce efforts, in a bid to preserve the region’s environment, and to establish a general and clear strategy in this regard, in light of the geographical and strategic importance of the Gulf region. Furthermore, he noted that this day has particular importance for the countries of the region that have pledged to protect the environment since signing the agreement in 1978.

Adding further, Colonel Al Badi said: “Marking this significant event aims to highlight the distinguished pioneering role undertaken by the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters (GHQ), as a distinguished governmental entity that sets an example for other governmental institutes, especially in relation to social and environmental responsibilities. This participation helps preserve natural resources to support sustainability for future generations.”

For his part, Colonel Saif Al Shamesi, Head of Cultural and Social Activity Department underlined the importance of promoting environmental education among future generations and spreading the love of land and agriculture values among them and returning to the life of fathers and forefathers. He also cited the virtues and feats of the late forefather HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul- who was keen since the establishment of the Union to plant as many trees as he can in order to preserve the environment despite the difficulties during that time.

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of preserving and developing the environment since the early establishment of the Union in order to achieve a balance between development and the environment, as well as maintaining the generations’ rights to enjoy a clean, healthy and safe environment.
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