A delegation from the Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) visited the ADP trainees and scholarship students in a number of French universities. This visit comes within the periodic visits of the department in coordination with the police attaché in France. The visit aims to inspect the students’ study and living conditions in the country of their scholarship, and provide them with all required amenities during their training period abroad.

Brigadier Obeid Salem Al Ketbi, Director General of Human Resources and Colonel Othman Al Khoury, Head of Specialized Qualification Department at the ADP were acquainted with the role played by the attaché in following up the trainees in French universities, inspecting their social status,

checking on their educational process, discussing the issues and challenges faced by them abroad, answering their queries and listening to their suggestions. The visiting delegation also checked the facilities that can be provided by the ADP General Headquarters to the students.

Brigadier Al Ketbi stressed the keenness of the ADP to develop its services, simplify the academic scholarships and follow up procedures, and provide moral incentives for students. He also urged students to work hard, persist and excel in their academic achievement as they are ambassadors of the UAE in the countries of their scholarship.

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