The Human Resources General Directorate at the Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) held its annual ceremony in the first Ramadan Forum for staff members. The event falls under the framework of the ADP internal communications and job satisfaction policy and embodies the implementation of the initiative: “Our Aim is Staff Satisfaction, Through Them We Achieve Distinction.”

Brigadier Obeid Salem Al Ketbi, the Director General, stressed the importance of human resources in strengthening and developing police work, its effect on the organization’s productivity, as well as its role in enhancing and developing the work, in accordance with the best international practices.

“The Ramadan Forum is an opportunity to exchange views and advice, as well as to honor initiatives, projects, quality teams, excellence, staff members, distinguished employees and whoever has contributed to achieving the ADP General Directorate strategic plan,” he said. He also expressed his gratitude and appreciation towards every person who has given, has contributed in giving, or will give proposals or suggestions that will help to develop the Department’s services.

Brigadier Al Ketbi discussed employee efforts towards developing their work environment. He noted that the Department welcomes employee suggestions, comments and opinions that can contribute to further progress and growth.

The Forum featured several events, among which included a poem by Major Nasser Al Dahmani; a speech about determination, achievement and challenge by speaker Amani Al Naimi; and a play by Ali Al Tamimi and Jassem Obeid, titled “He That Would Eat the Fruit Must Climb the Tree.”  The play aimed to encourage staff members to work hard, as per the ADP framework for job satisfaction.

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