The Emergency and Public Safety Department at the Directorate General of Central Operations of Abu Dhabi Police, has recently formed a specialized search and rescue team for valleys and flood-hit areas. This measure is a part of the department’s strategy aimed at enhancing performance and providing better services.   

Brigadier Engineer Hussein Ahmed Al Harthi, Director General of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police, stressed the police leadership’s keenness to keep pace with developments in police work and to provide diverse services in all fields. He added that the newly formed team is a quality addition to Abu Dhabi Police in their quest to deliver distinguished services and to implement their vision to achieve a society that enjoys security and safety.

For his part, Colonel Mohammed Ibrahim Al Ameri, Head of the Emergency and Public Safety Department at Abu Dhabi Police, indicated that the new team has been provided with modern equipment and technologies; high-quality specialized inflatable boats that meet international standards, in order to carry out search and rescue operations in various geographical locations, especially in valleys, flood-hit areas, and torrential waters. He pointed out that the highly-skilled team consists of Emirati officers and constables who have undergone extensive specialized courses in the UAE and advanced courses abroad in the area of rescue diving; torrential waters rescue; and closed and confined spaces rescue (wells, tunnels and other confined spaces). He also confirmed the department’s keenness to qualify its human resources and develop their practical skills in order to achieve strategic objectives with high levels of efficiency.

Adding further, Colonel Al Ameri noted that the team carried out several practical and training drills in the field of search and rescue in valleys and flood-hit areas and completed the tasks and duties entrusted to them with efficiency that reflected the high level of readiness to handle such humanitarian tasks. It has also been universally adopted by international maritime rescue organizations in the field of search and rescue in valleys and torrential waters.

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