The Abu Dhabi Police reiterated their unrelenting support to their sports teams and called upon them to achieve further excellence and the highest positions in the local, regional, and international championships.

Major General Mohammed Khalfan Al Rumaithi, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, emphasized the full support to all of the outstanding Abu Dhabi Police teams and male and female players. He issued his directives to overcome any potential obstacles that teams and players may face, to encourage them to maintain their leading positions and achievements in the upcoming seasons’ sports championships; to further promote the reputation of the Abu Dhabi Police.

He also called for establishing highly competent police teams, and encouraged staff members with athletic skills to join these teams. He also called for providing all the necessary resources and requirements to establish integrated teams capable of achieving the highest positions in sports championships.

These remarks were made by Major General Al Rumaithi during the first introductory meeting organized with teams’ members, administrative bodies, and trainers at Abu Dhabi Police. The meeting reviewed strategic plans and sports initiatives, as well as the sports teams’ vision to participate in various sports events in order to develop the sports sector at the Abu Dhabi Police. The meeting also discussed recent activities, programs, participations, and achievements made by the sports teams, as well as future goals.

During the meeting that was held at the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, Major General Al Rumaithi tackled the level of qualification of the sports teams and males and female players, in addition to the role of the administrative bodies and technical and training teams. He also reviewed the obstacles faced by the teams and players and their achievements in order to boost their morale.

Major General Al Rumaithi was briefed by Colonel Waleed Salem Al Shamesi, Director General of the Police College, and member of the USIP Technical Committee about the achievements of the teams at Abu Dhabi Police, which have helped promoting the civilized image of the police institution. He also stressed the importance of activating the police’s societal role, encouraging active participation in sporting events, and achieving advanced results in the various championships.

Towards the end of the meeting, Major General Al Rumaithi took note of the recommendations, challenges, ideas, and developmental proposals submitted by attendees, which aim to achieve the highest levels and positions in local, regional, and international championships. He also stressed the importance of readiness and teamwork in order to achieve harmony, sportsmanship and cohesion, to attain excellence and win championships. He wished everyone to rise up to the challenge of the task entrusted to them by providing the best sports representation of the Abu Dhabi Police.

The meeting was attended by Brigadier Dr. Saif Hamdan Al Ka’bi, Director of Finance and Services at Abu Dhabi Police, in addition to a number of officers, members of sports teams, administrative bodies, trainers, and athletics at Abu Dhabi Police.

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