The Abu Dhabi Police hosted three different workshops to discuss the optimal ways to develop mechanisms related to partners’ relationship management, ; exchange  opinions about the Partners Management e-System(PMS). The workshops also aim to discuss the plan to implement this methodology and identify the needs of the partners.

The Diwan Department, represented by the Key Partnerships Section at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, recently organized the workshops, with the participation of liaison officers and their deputies in charge of implementing the methodology, alongside representatives of the partners, and 60 concerned attendees.

Brigadier Mohammed Rashid bin Kasheem Al Shamesi, Head of the Diwan Department at the Abu Dhabi Police, said that these workshops come in line with the directions of the General Headquarters on the need to build effective partnerships, and pay attention to the partners, and encourage the exchange of opinions to identify their suggestions. He hailed the efforts exerted by the liaison officers and their deputies, while stressing their pivotal role in strengthening the relations with partners, which contribute to developing police services to the highest advanced levels. He also thanked the partners for their attendance and interaction, which help to achieve the mutual goals.

First Lieutenant Khaled Omar Ahmed Al Zubaidi, Chief of the Key Partnerships Section at the Diwan Department, gave a detailed explanation during the three workshops, showcasing the key achievements in the field of partnerships. He also presented the new advanced (PMS) e-system; discussed the potential obstacles and recorded notes and suggestions.

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