During an inspection visit to the Madinat Zayed Police Station, affiliated with the Capital Police Directorate, Major General Mohammed Khalfan Matar Al Rumaithi, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, reviewed the workflow at the station, the services provided to the public, and statistical data relating to criminal communications and customer service. He also examined the mechanisms, devices, and advanced technologies used in the station.

Major General Al Rumaithi underscored the keenness of the wise leadership to provide the best work environment in all police stations and develop the capacity of personnel to deliver quality services to customers. “This goal is achieved through constant work and training, the dissemination of quality and organizational excellence, and promoting a culture of loyalty,” he stated. Moreover, Major General Al Rumaithi indicated that the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters (GHQ) endeavors to be one of the best policing entities globally in the world in fighting and preventing crime through implementing strategies and global best practices.

Major General Al Rumaithi urged the police station’s staff members to apply communication and interaction methodology with the public, identify their views, suggestions, and the level of satisfaction with the services provided, and strengthen the relationship with the partners in the jurisdiction. “This falls in line with the vision and objectives of the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ,” he noted. Furthermore, he called for completing transactions swiftly and streamlining procedures, using state-of-the-art technical means. He also called for preventing crime, promoting community awareness, maintaining the security and stability of all members of society, and intensifying the police station’s security patrols in various jurisdictions.

Major General Al Rumaithi underlined the importance of continuously striving to develop performance and implement programs, increasing productivity by using scientific methodologies, and promoting cooperation and communication with stakeholders and partners. “This promotes the concept of security being a shared responsibility, and contributes to developing the capacities of personnel providing direct services to the public so as to further promote excellent performance and the high sense of responsibility. It also enhances the civilized image of the Abu Dhabi police,” he emphasized.

On another note, he pointed out the design of Madinat Zayed Police Station’s new building, which was constructed according to the best engineering specifications. “The design keeps pace with the urban and construction development witnessed by the UAE in general and Abu Dhabi in particular,” he noted. Major General Al Rumaithi said that the design also contributes to implementing Abu Dhabi Police GHQ’s future vision to upgrade services in terms of accessibility and speed, and to achieve the required quality standards.

Colonel Ahmed Saif bin Zeitoun Al Muhairi, Director of the Capital Police Directorate briefed Major General Al Rumaithi on the services provided by the police station and the facilities offered to the public in accordance with the vision and objectives of the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ.

Major General Maktoum Al Shareefi, Acting Director General of Abu Dhabi Police, Major General Omair Al Muhairi, Director General of Police Operations, and a number of officers from the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ accompanied Major General Al Rumaithi during his visit.
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