Brigadier Najim Abdullah Al Hosani, Head of the Social Support Centers Department at Abu Dhabi Police, stressed the Police leadership’s keen interest to promote the police’s societal role and deepen cooperation with  national institutions; especially those concerned with family and community affairs. He also highlighted the leadership’s commitment to instruct the related departments to celebrate the World Family Day, in recognition of the family’s instrumental role in building and advancing communities.  

“Through the different departments specialized with community protection issues, the Abu Dhabi Police  endeavor to make use of all  national and humanitarian events related to social work, family, children, and women such as the ‘World Family Day’ in order to get a message through by convening awareness-raising lectures and conducting field visits. This approach aims at stressing the vital role played by families in ensuring stability and security in society, which constitutes the core of the centers’ work,” explained Brigadier Al Hosani.

The World Family Day, which was celebrated on Friday, May 15th, coincided with the launch of “Learn essential lessons before you suffer their consequences” campaign by the Social Support Centers. The campaign is designed to deliver awareness messages to an important aspect of the family and encourages positive moral and behavioral values in order to enhance the unity and cohesion of the family, in a way that would ultimately reflect positively on society as a whole.  

Moreover, Head of the Social Support Centers Department at Abu Dhabi Police noted that the Centers Department in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Region, endeavors to provide diverse activities and community-based participations; out of its firm belief in the crucial societal role played by the police, and the importance of spreading security culture. He also explained that the activities contribute to enhancing the security, stability and prosperity of society and increasing community members’ confidence in the police force. He added that such activities spread security culture and highlight the important issues related to the family.    

It is worth mentioning that the Social Support Centers Department had recently organized a number of activities and field visits to mark the occasion, and to take part in educating families and acquainting them with its efficient role in maintaining social stability and deepening active communication between its segments. The department also honored mothers who are staff members in recognition of their role in strengthening family cohesion. This tribute stems out of the department’s keenness to utilize this day to send a message to female employees highlighting the mother’s importance in all positions.

A delegation from the department also visited the Al Mafraq Juveniles Care Center, the ProVita International Medical Center, and Amana Healthcare Medical and Rehabilitation Hospital and distributed gifts and flowers to the new mothers and families.

Furthermore, the Al Ain Social Support Center visited Al Ain Cromwell Hospital for women and children, in recognition of women’s efforts in achieving family security and stability and to promote the spirit of communication with mothers; as mothers are the nurturers of future wives and generations.

The visit also included a tour to the mothers’ rooms at the hospital, in order to identify their needs and requirements, and discuss family-related issues. The centers’ specialists also acquainted mothers with the role and objectives of the Social Supports Centers. During the visit, a number of symbolic gifts; flower bouquets; and awareness brochures on nurturing children and communication were distributed to the mothers.

For their part, the mothers expressed their gratitude and happiness for this humanitarian gesture, which reflects the Social Support Centers Department’s special attention to community members and its keenness to communicate with them and provide all means of comfort and security.

The Social Support Center in the Western Region also visited the Madinat Zayed Hospital in the Western Region and distributed roses and gifts to new mothers, who are the nucleus of future families. The mothers were also acquainted with the role of the Social Support Centers Department.

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