The Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, represented by the Cultural and Social Activity Section of the Clubs Department, marked Arab Family Day by organizing a celebration. The event was held at the theatre hall of the Police Officers Club in Abu Dhabi.

Colonel Ahmed Saeed Al Badi, Head of the Clubs Department, stressed the great attention extended by the police leadership to enhancing the social role of police forces, thereby deepening cooperation with national institutions. “The police leadership is also keen to encourage the relevant departments to celebrate International Family Day, in recognition of the role of the family in building and advancing communities,” he said.

For his part, Colonel Saif Al Shamesi, Head of the Cultural and Social Activities Section, pointed out that the Abu Dhabi Police harness national and humanitarian occasions, particularly concerning social work, family, children and women, such as International Family Day, to deliver its message. “The Abu Dhabi Police holds awareness lectures and organizes various events and activities to emphasize the importance of the role played by family in strengthening social stability and promoting security,” noted Al Shamesi.

The celebration featured cultural and artistic performances, including traditional plays reflecting the occasion, presented by the “Iyal Al Dar Production Group.” The plays included: Unity is Strength; Cleanliness is a Part of Faith; and The Wolf; which was highly acclaimed by the attendees.

Participating in the celebration were: students from the Emirates Autism Center, orphan students from the Red Crescent, members of the Abu Dhabi Disabled Sports Club, the Abu Dhabi Girl Guides Association, as well as students from Al Ikhlas Private School, Al Manhal, Abu Musa Al Ash'ari and Al Ma’ali Private School.

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